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Mackie Osborne

LA / Tucson Artist 

Mackie Osborne started making art for punk bands in the early 80's. She designed the infamous Social Distortion skeleton, along with covers for other OG punk bands like DxIx, The Offspring, Rancid, Vandals, and Bad Religion, as well as doing work for bands like Oingo Boingo, Tricky, Mr. Bungle, Melvins, Fantomas, Tool and others. Over the years she's worked on numerous book designs for the Melvins, Tool, Chet Zar, Princeton University, Ancestors of the Incas, Georgeanne Deen, and more.


When she’s not busy in front of a computer, she runs DeeOhGee Press, a letterpress print shop with two giant printing presses housed in a garage called the green dungeon. DeeOhGee Press produces limited edition letterpress CD and LP covers, odd books, and posters using a combination of moveable type, vintage blocks, linoleum block carvings, and photopolymer plates. Each print is fed by hand through the press multiple times to create a unique combination of images. Every time there is a color change the entire press is cleaned, the forms are replaced and the press is reinked. The end result is beautiful and unique - no two prints are identical. Occasionally while working in the dungeon she takes a break and creates mono prints and hyper limited edition prints for fun. What you see here is a collection of work created in the green dungeon called DeeOhGee Press. The prints that you see have been created over the course of several months or even years. 


She also teaches yoga, you can find her online classes on the schedule at Yogaoasis.

Sunshine Shop works directly with Mackie Osborne in exhibiting her artworks.

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