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David Adix

Paintings, Collage & Sculpture

oil pastel paintings

Springtime in the desert we celebrate the palo verde and its annual promise, an explosion of color, layers of yellows, this series of oil pastels celebrates this event we are witness to and the sublime dance of nature and perhaps a prelude of what is to come. 

'A Riot of Yellow'

David Adix Deep-dive Montage.JPG

Details from David Adix oil pastel paintings

Past Exhibition - November 17, 2019

David Adix • Deep-dive Tucson's Vintage Bars & Lounges
Contemporary artist David Adix reinterprets the historic bars of his Tucson hometown. Not just any, but neighborhoody ones which meet his aesthetic criteria – aged 30+ years, locally-owned, and frequented by our community - with each residing in the mid-town / university areas. Inspired by the shapes, lines & colors of each building, David’s formalist abstraction has found a perfect muse.

A Sampling from Deep-dive Tucson's Vintage Bars & Lounges

Commissions by David Adix

For details, please contact Patricia Katchur, 520-389-4776 cell or email HERE

David Adix-The Shelter Cocktail Lounge.j

David Adix, 2021

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