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David Adix • Paintings, Collage & Sculpture

David Adix, 2021

David Adix Deep-dive Montage.JPG

Details from David Adix oil pastel paintings

Past Exhibition - November 17, 2019

David Adix • Deep-dive Tucson's Vintage Bars & Lounges
Contemporary artist David Adix reinterprets the historic bars of his Tucson hometown. Not just any, but neighborhoody ones which meet his aesthetic criteria – aged 30+ years, locally-owned, and frequented by our community - with each residing in the mid-town / university areas. Inspired by the shapes, lines & colors of each building, David’s formalist abstraction has found a perfect muse.

A Sampling from Deep-dive Tucson's Vintage Bars & Lounges

Commissions by David Adix

For details, please contact Patricia Katchur, 520-389-4776 cell or email HERE

David Adix-The Shelter Cocktail Lounge.j
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