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David Adix, 2021

David Adix • Paintings, Collage & Sculpture

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Details from David Adix oil pastel paintings

Currently on Exhibition through November 17, 2019

David Adix • Deep-dive Tucson's Vintage Bars & Lounges


Contemporary artist David Adix reinterprets the historic bars of his Tucson hometown. Not just any, but neighborhoody ones which meet his aesthetic criteria – aged 30+ years, locally-owned, and frequented by our community - with each residing in the mid-town / university areas. Inspired by the shapes, lines & colors of each building, David’s formalist abstraction has found a perfect muse.

A Sampling from Deep-dive Tucson's Vintage Bars & Lounges

Deep-dive things

These things can be seen as nostalgic Tucson landscapes of vintage tone with cracked pavement and empty skies isolating lonely desert structures of aging block, signage, and stucco, or, these things can be seen as modulating planes of scumbled color deftly positioned one against another in softly vibrating compositions of purposefully flat and skewed perspective. Either way or in combination, these DEEP DIVE things, are, as with all the things David Adix creates, an entrance into how he puts things together.

I was already familiar with his work when I got to know Mr. Adix about ten years ago. And so, for over twenty years now, I have admired him as an eloquent and commanding composer of two and three dimensional space as well as an inventive technician over a variety of mediums. I know him as a formalist who puts great stock in the formal properties his things possess, and with that, a formalist who cares little for formal theory. Unencumbered by the conventions of theory, Mr. Adix can take the most disparate of ideas, subjects, and materials and shape them, almost out of thin air, into extremely elegant, confident, and convincing things. And doing it all, with what seems to be, great speed and ease; adding and arranging, removing and rearranging until everything is complete, resolved, and made whole by his ‘touch’ - his innate sensibilities and his expressive understanding of what his eye and hand are capable of. This concept of ‘touch’ touches each and every thing he makes. And, no matter what things he makes, Mr. Adix is always focused on how things are put together, how things work together, and how things look. And, I do believe these things look good.


James Schaub

Curator of Exhibitions  .  Tohono Chul, Tucson, AZ


Commissions by David Adix

For details, please contact Patricia Katchur, 520-389-4776 cell or email HERE

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