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Valerie Galloway • Candy Land

Original watercolor, acrylic +  ink on wood

2019, signed with notations

8"h x 10"w x 3/4"d



Candy Land's metallic paints reflect colors into different hue densities. How happy! Valerie Galloway saguaros are festive, fun and feel-good!  Her designs and patternings are as citrus fresh as the bright lime background. Drink up and enjoy!


Shipping - USPS Priority / full insurance & signature required (USA only)

or Pick Up at Sunshine Shop - Tucson, Arizona on Thu, Fri & Sat 10-4


Valerie Galloway is a contemporary Tucson artist creating curious characters and peculiar purlieus in her undoubtedly signature style of watercolor & ink on paper. A bit of a Francophile, Ms. Galloway's artwork offers an alluring Frenchiness that whispers back to her childhood birthplace. Originally a photographer, she transmuted to painting near 20 years ago. Much loved and very collected, Valerie Galloway offers delightfully delicious visual delicacies. 


Valerie Galloway • 'Desert Candy Land'

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  • Valerie Galloway, original watercolor, acrylic + ink on wood artwork

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