Valerie Galloway

Burning Cities

 ink + watercolor on archival paper

2020, signed

10" h x 8"w



Burning Cities is a surrealist take on contemporary lives feeling out of control. Ms. Galloway encapsulates urban anxieties of a strange time in this mysteriously beautiful rendering.


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Valerie Galloway is a contemporary Tucson artist creating curious characters and peculiar purlieus in her undoubtedly signature style of watercolor & ink on paper. A bit of a Francophile, Ms. Galloway's artwork offers an alluring Frenchiness that whispers back to her childhood birthplace. Originally a photographer, she transmuted to painting near 20 years ago. Much loved and very collected, Valerie Galloway offers delightfully delicious visual delicacies. 


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Valerie Galloway • Burning Cities - Original Artwork

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  • Valerie Galloway Original Artwork

    'Burning Cities' ink + watercolor on archival paper


    10" x 8"